Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate as a food and beverage vendor?

Any business or nonprofit organization selling either food and soft drinks or specialty beverages. Food and beverage vendors may not serve alcoholic beverages.

When is the deadline to apply as a food and beverage vendor?

The application deadline is May 31, 2024.

By applying, am I officially a Festival of Nations vendor?

All applications must be approved by Festival organizers. Once approved, vendors will receive a Festival contract, invoice for vendor fee, electricity and ice, as well as a calendar of mandatory meetings and any additional forms to submit if you have applied to be a vendor.

How much does it cost to participate?

The total cost to vendors is comprised of:

Application Fee: Every application must be submitted with a $25 application fee.

Vendor Fee: Varies depending on size and type (booth, truck, trailer, cart). Details are defined in the application. This fee is due by June 15.

Electricity Fee: Electricity is optionally available in increments of three outlets:
- 60 amps (3 outlets): $540
- 120 amps (6 outlets): $1,080
- 180 amps (9 outlets): $1,620
An additional fee will be required for Specialty Outlets. A NEMA# will need to be provided for rates.

Ice: Vendors will be able to pre-order ice.

Concession Fee: Vendors must also include a 15% concession fee for every transaction to be paid by festival attendees. Festival organizers will invoice vendors for this service fee for transactions incurred during Festival of Nations. 

Why are concession donations required?

Festival of Nations is produced by the International Institute of St. Louis. As an organization dedicated to supporting refugees, immigrants, and multiculturalism, the International Institute of St. Louis is inviting festival attendees to invest in our mission by donating a small percent of money spent towards our efforts to provide vital services, resources and support to those in need.

We understand these are significant transitions and truly appreciate your support as we continue to elevate the Festival to empower our clients and community. In order to keep this event free to the public, we are following industry standards and charging a 15% Concession Fee per transaction.  

How much do I owe today to apply as a vendor?

You will immediately pay a $25 fee with your application. Additional fees charged upon application acceptance and following the Festival of Nations.

As a food vendor, can I sell water and soft drinks?

Yes! Food vendors may sell non-alcoholic drinks, including water. Food vendors are not required to sell beverages.

How much space is available for food and bar vendors?

Booth sizes range from 10x10 to 10x30 feet. Truck and trailer spaces range from 20–50 feet. Mobile cart spaces range from 4–7 feet. Pricing will reflect the space allotment. Details are defined in the full application.

Can I pay my application and vendor fees by cash or check?

No. All fees will be paid electronically by credit card. Application fees will be requested and paid within the application itself.

Submit your food and beverage vendor application.