Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate as a visual artist or entertainer?

- Entertainers: Singer/Songwriters, Musicians, Bands, Dancers, Dance Groups, and Comedians.

Experiential Activators & Cultivators: Circus & Aerial Arts, Classes and Activities, Cultural Presentations, Educational Demonstrations, Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives, Language Lessons, Street Performers, Variety Acts and Visual Performers.

When is the deadline to apply as a performer?

The application deadline is April 30, 2024.

Is there an application fee for Visual Artists and Entertainers?

Yes. You will immediately pay a $25 fee as part of your application.

By applying, am I officially a participating Visual Artist or Entertainer?

No, all applications will be reviewed by a team and applicants will be selected and notified if they are chosen or rejected.

What length of performances will be accepted?

Stage performance slots range from 15-45 minutes. Experiential Activators & Cultivators will be scheduled to host a booth with sessions available all weekend.

How much will I be compensated for my participation?

Applicants can state their standard compensation in the application. Festival organizers will follow up to confirm compensation before the parties engage in a contractual agreement. We are committed to equitable compensation and recognition for all Visual Artists and Entertainers.

Will I have the opportunity to perform on the Festival’s main stage?

Festival of Nations will have multiple stages and areas with live performances. Artists are placed in the location that is the best fit for them. Those who are interested AND selected for performing in the Opening and Closing numbers will be on the main stage for that portion of the Festival program.