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Festival of Nations brings an energy you can’t find anywhere else! Ignite your senses with cuisine and drinks from around the world, dance to music spanning genres, shop international and local arts and goods, and do it all with purpose.

When people from different cultures gather to share music, food, art, and traditions, we get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level. We create a spirit of unity where every culture is seen as unique and special, and no culture is truly foreign.

Produced by the International Institute of St. Louis, the Festival of Nations is the region's biggest multicultural event of the year. Originating in 1934, the two-day event is open to the public and attended by more than 100,000 people and features the traditions, flavors, sounds, and art of more than 75 nations.

Together, we'll highlight the vibrancy of multiculturalism, celebrate our unique identities, and create community impact, cultivating a more prosperous region for all. Join us August 26–27 and be a part of this unforgettable experience. 


We are one region made up of people and cultures from around the globe. It is the unity of these cultures that defines who we are as a community. Music, food, art and traditions mix and mingle to create an expansive definition of our collective humanity.


Our countries of origin and native cultures are core to who we are as individuals. We understand that our unique personalities are the gifts we offer to the greater whole. At Festival of Nations, we honor each other’s individuality and celebrate these differences.


Supporting local businesses, celebrating diverse artists, embracing moments of connection across cultural differences—this is what Festival of Nations does for one weekend a year, and what our community can become every day. Festival of Nations is the embodiment of the future we envision—a united region that welcomes all and celebrates the rich diversity of our unique cultures. 

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